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Managed Services

The InWatch Monitoring Solution

The InWatch Monitoring Solution provides a proactive, easily manageable level of service. This solution offers 24/7 monitoring, along with weekly Microsoft and Windows updates to drive overall better management of your servers, desktops, laptops and network devices. All of our plans also include a corporate edition of anti-virus for your PCs and servers, in addition to the professional edition of malware bytes.

InWatch operates as the foundation of your managed IT services, providing the critical oversight and visibility you need to quickly detect and remediate potential issues. InWatch managed IT support can also be customized to fit line-of-business needs. Our basic, bronze, silver and platinum plans provide a range of value-added services to optimize your technology deployments without breaking the bank.

Services Included with InWatch Monitoring Solution

The Outsourced Advantage — Your Trusted Managed IT Service Company

Why choose a managed IT provider instead of opting for in-house talent? Cost is the first barrier, along with challenges that exist in managing technical staff when the responsibility falls to an executive without a technical background. For many companies, finding and hiring the skilled staff necessary to manage increasingly complex IT environments is time- and cost-intensive. Managed services IT support also provides the foundation for future-proof solutions — essential system updates and backups are automatically applied to protect critical assets.

Key benefits of IT service management include:

  • Predictable spending: Costs are clear, upfront and consistent, making it easier for companies to regulate their IT spending. Flexible support options mean you always have the ability to scale up or limit total spending as required.
  • Competitive advantage: Large companies can often afford full IT teams to deploy and manage services such as VoIP, next-generation firewalls and mobile application monitoring. Yet customers expect these services regardless of company size. Managed IT services let you leverage essential technologies and level the playing field.
  • Professional support: Our team of IT professionals is always ready to help. Have a question? Facing a potential security incident? Looking to streamline operations? Our experts can provide advice, support and service with superior response times.
  • Reduced risk: Managed IT support provides access to critical backup and disaster recovery technologies in addition to automatic security updates. With our help, your business will be a hard target for hackers and overall risk will be reduced.

The InVision Technology Solutions Difference

What sets us apart from other managed IT support companies? Personalized IT support across every service and solution we offer. Every phone call during office hours is answered by our staff, and every service call handled by our expert technicians. We assign clients their own team of system admins, technical managers and account managers to ensure IT requirements aren’t simply met — they’re exceeded.

At InVision Technology Solutions, we understand that successful business operations now depend on technology infrastructure, making superb service a necessity. Our InWatch solution improves client visibility and enhances the proactive level of response our staff delivers.

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